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Making artisan bread: Part I (prep)

Just got back from Bulk Barn bearing little bags of pleasantly aromatic millet, steel cut oats and some lovely dark rye flakes. I’ve also got some ground almonds and other nuts in the fridge, left over from my Christmas baking supplies, so I might incorporate those in too. Really nothing quite like making your own bread (in ye olde oven mind you, no bread machines here!). Best part is when you step outside your front door and realise that the amazing aroma is emanating from your kitchen! Eat that, neighbours! (Or rather… don’t. Right, anyway, back to the bread.)

I’ve been wondering why there is this general misconception that baking bread is a huge, complicated task. I mean honestly, it’s completely mind-bogglingly simple. To show you, my next post will be a step-by-step tutorial (with pictures for extra simplicity! ooh! aah!) for fresh, delicious, single-rise artisan bread.

What makes it artisan?

a) Not tasteless, pre-sliced, bagged grocery version

b) Yummy grains, seeds and/or cereal embedded in bread

c) Fancy schmancy oats on top, for which they’d charge you an arm and a leg at premium bakeries (good GAD!)

d) It just looks, tastes and smells fantastic, okay? You can’t go wrong. You’ll spurn grocery-store bread after this. Your significant other will love you marginally more. Your pets and/or kids will come sniffing into the kitchen every few minutes until the oven beeps. You will swaddle your loaf of bread in cloth and pretend it’s your new baby. (No seriously. You will.)

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