It is a universal truth – well, in my universe at least – that one of the best things ever is a strong, hot cup of tea and a biscuit, with a really fantastic old novel. (For that matter, any baked good is welcome!) What I love even more is when I’m photographing said baked goods and writing about them.¬†

The other reason for Tangerine Tea is that I love stories. I love telling them and reading them. At the end of 2010, I relocated to Quebec and I’m still exploring and finding out about life here.

The Cast:

Me, Tina.

However, not actually a small child as this picture would suggest. Although… this picture does resemble me. As a small child.

I’m a freelance photographer and writer. Email me for related inquiries.


Best boyfriend ever; ever-eager food sampler and photo assistant. Looks nothing like this picture. Also, does not wear extremely small yellow shorts as in this somewhat misleading picture.

Dusty the dog

Loyal, trusty sidekick. As sidekicks go, he does have his dimmer moments.

Likes to think he’s helping in the kitchen by licking scavenging for crumbs off the floor.


Foodie extraordinaire! My brother and once-roommate. Simultaneously inspires me to experiment with new foods while also completely squashing all hope when he yells “OH MY GOD! How could you do that?! What would Gordon Ramsey say?!”

Appears in a satchel in this pic because he now lives sort of far away. Also, looks nothing like boyfriend (pictured above) in real life.

Herb garden

Annual herb garden is a mostly annual summer occurrence. Alas, my thumbs aren’t as green as one would¬† hope, so herb garden inevitably meets a sad demise. However, can truthfully boast about a one-time sweet pea harvest (enough for one small salad), and a handful of herbs.

Ellie the elephant

You didn’t really think I had a pet elephant, did you? Actually it’s just that I wanted an excuse to use this picture. How often do you see an elephant on a food blog? Credit goes to some lovely person called Teekatas for creating these images.

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